January 29, 2010

Foyer Gets A French Twist

I got a French look in the foyer for just a few dollars.

I didn’t want to go out and spend a fortune on anything.  In fact,  I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to take the tapestry down and change anything.   I like it the way it is. But, I do love change.

I decided to use what I had for this make-over. 

I put the art piece together.

I painted an old lamp and used a shade from the guest room until I can get something else.

I used the  Robin’s egg blue platter for the first time since I got it for Christmas three years ago!!

And,  I did make two little purchases.  I met a man with old bottles…obviously,  I couldn’t resist!  I also got the adorable French book from him.


I am thinkin’ it may be a little too much!  But I really like the “little too much look”




The refinished lamp.  Simply spray painted matte black, edged with metallic gold, and aged with brown stain.




I love this tattered French book and the little heart box…how romantic!




I had the cherub and I had put the floral arrangement together ages ago

Also, had all of the antique books




I had this great map of Paris print.




I also had a  big piece of ugly art on a foam board 

and  this nail head trim.




I did this decorative finish around the perimeter of the ugly art using Venetian Plaster, crackle varnish, and a brown wash.   I attached the map with the nail head trim.




If I decide to keep it here,  I will mount it on a piece of  wood cut to size.  I think I will keep it leaned and not hang it.  I will  age the actual map a little, too.




I am lovin’ this blue platter full of old bottles!




This little urn was a T.J. Maxx find years ago.




He used to be a lamp base.




.  I LOVE doing decorative finishes!!!




I didn’t wash the jars.  I like for them to keep their memories!




From this…




to this very attractive “After Christmas” look!…




To this.


So,  did I overthink it??  over decorate it???   just more of the same look???

I am open to critique, really!


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  1. I absolutely love what you did. The map of Paris is perfect and the lamp is incredible. I love the bottle collection. A very interesting table vignette. Not too much at all.

  2. I want your buffet!! You talked about everything but that.

  3. I love it....love the bottle collection...beautiful!

  4. Rhonda your display is just divine! I am so glad you posted this as I am in the middle of a decorating dilemma! I just posted about redecorating my sideboard so you have just given me some more inspiration-THANK YOU!

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  5. No, no, no you did not overdo it. It looks wonderful. I love the art piece. Great job! I also really like the cherub!

  6. You're good.....really good! It's not too much at all - it's perfection. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. This is a little too perfect! I love it Rhonda! Thanks for sharing. love the french book and all those bottles.

  8. I love the collection of little bottles! How cute are they and what memories they carry! It looks very good and to do it without having to buy anything new is even better!

  9. Wow, you have "THE TOUCH"! I love everything you did, the map is great, the bottles are beautiful. Very inspiring, Rhonda! That buffet is gorgeous! I think it is all perfect, the look you were going for requires all those elements, for sure.
    Have a great day....

  10. Rhonda,

    You are a natural and have quite an eye for design. I especially like the vintage bottles and antique book with the little heart box on it. The map with nail head trim is perfect.

  11. I love the new look. Everything is so interesting and the frame around the map is just fantastic. I wouldn't change a thing. I also really love the lamp base. It is fabulous. I just love the aging technique you did. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  12. Well, I love it! I don't think it's over or under decorated. To me, it looks just right! I love the bottles on the tray and I think that helps keep them as one decorative accent. Love the map piece on the wall and the lamp looks great. You done good in my book! : )

  13. No, I think it's perfect! I love that buffet, and have been searching all over for something like that- one with big deep cubbies with doors to close away the mess.
    Those bottles are so interesting, and I love how you attached the map with nail heads- I never thought of that! I need to get crackin' on making a few topiaries of my own! ;)

    looks lovely- thanks for sharing!

  14. It's perfect! I love the "little too much look". I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for sharing another piece of your home with us.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. I agree with everyone! I love it and it is not overdone- very romantic! I have old bottles here and there around the house and I love how they look grouped together. Time for some changes at the Swamp, too!

  16. I love your bottle collection! And that gold cherub is divine!

  17. great ecclecticasies!!!
    you're great at this

  18. This is gorgeous! I love the sweet cherub and your unique bottle collection. Just fabulous!

  19. Bonjour Rhonda,
    It looks marvelous, French twist indeed! Love the antique books and your buffet is beautiful.
    Bon week-end mon amie!

  20. So beautiful! But then again, everything you do is!

    I'm a fan of "too much" too, but I'm also a minimalist - talk about split personality!

    I love to play with things, and I think I would push things around a bit. I would push the map to the right, pull the topiary/books/cherub arrangement to the left, next to the lamp, then switch places of the topiary and cherub. Then the platter of fabulous bottles to the right, for balance.

    And, then I'd proably put it right back the way you have it ;)

  21. Everything looks great!!! Thanks for sharing.

  22. LOVE map pictures! Your bottle collection is really cool too.

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  23. Love that map and those bottles! Very cute!


  24. Hey Rhonda ~ I'm going to be spending some time in Jachson next week. I remember you used to live there. Can you point me to some fabulous antique/thrift/flea market type places? We have hardly any places such as these on the gulf coast. I think they were all wiped out. Mucho thanks and blessings!

  25. You captured it; you've got it. Now don't touch it.

    It's perfect and yes very, very French. Even the golden lighting is exactly right.

  26. sweet lady, your house is fantastic!! WOW! I love that little heartbox (that took my heart right away) and the bottles.. all the details! WOW! well done I say! xo Mendy


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