December 9, 2009

More Blue Creek Home Christmas

Everything is finally decorated and now I am going to sit back and enjoy it for the next three weeks. 

I enjoy decorating the fireplace.  I change it up every year.
The topiaries on each end stay on the mantle year round.
I added little round lights to them this year.

I’ve had this twin headboard taking up space in the basement for years.
I found a good use for it – propped on the mantle!

I like it so much that I might even leave it up after Christmas!!!

The stocking hangers came from Hobby Lobby way back in the day!
Alex cross stitched our initials on the needlepoint stockings.
Center lighted topiary came from an antique mall for $7.00
The big bow is a table runner.

My talented brother in law makes these beautiful metal cut outs.
I have had this angel for a long time, but only put a finish on it yesterday!!!

A white poinsettia on the left…

A pink one on the right

Fairy Angels
(read about niche mural here)

This mirror across from the niche provides a lovely reflection

The afternoon sun was streaming through the windows.  See her little shadow?

Lavender and Green – odd colors for Christmas, but I like it!

I would like a bracelet just like her headband!!

Her dress is avocado and pink…another odd color combo for Christmas.

She is such a graceful angel!

    bumpit   I think she may be wearing a bumpit and a bridle on her head!!!      
Sorry…I could not resist!    

I love using fresh magnolia branches at Christmas (Thanks Piney!)

This area leads from the main living area to the foyer

This paper angel has been with us for many years.

The angel band was a recent purchase from Tuesday Morning…gotta love that store!
I like to display things on different levels.

If you visit often, you know that pretty faces are important to me and these little faces are absolutely adorable.

Lovin’ the reflection of the tree in the seashell mirror.

This table holds one of my handmade “Sugarplum” Santas and a pool ball tree.

Alex painted this Santa …and  I like it a LOT!

She is a talented girl!

The crackle finish makes it look old.

I made this little guy years ago, before  burlap was cool!!!
  He was one of my Woodland Santas.

Steinbach Nutcrackers displayed on the china cabinet

Again, magnolia branches add a nice holiday touch and fill in gaps

Good King Wenceslaus started the collection

The rowdy bunch is grouped together- Big Mouse King/Mini Mouse King/Alice
The bear on the back left is from FAO Schwartz - Las Vegas

The good guys are on the right: Big Noah/Mini Noah/Moses

      The details on these nutcrackers are amazing!
{It appears that mini Noah has saved a couple of Halloween cats??!}

And these little guys make me smile!

I hung this batik cloth snowman above my old tin magnet board.
Caroline made it in 9th grade art class.

Neat huh?  I need to learn how to batik.

A Christmas message going downstairs!

The laundry room gets a little Christmas love with Wise men that I made thirteen years ago.

Okay, I admit it, their faces are not pretty…but that’s okay, because they are wise!!!
It was hard to find any Wise men doll heads back then!

See more of this area here.

   I became emotional writing this post
          For me, this is what Christmas is really all about.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of our open style kitchen, den, and breakfast room.  I had fun decorating it!
Photos of the foyer are coming!!   There is some ‘faux snow’ on the floor that needs to be addressed first!!!

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Merry Christmas!


  1. oh, my, your home is gorgeous!!! I really enjoyed my tour, I really need to get in gear!

  2. Rhonda,
    I adore your home, your mantle is so inviting I love the stockings. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of your home, I had such a great time visiting.

    (¸.•´ (¸.+´??¸.+´
    (¸.•´ (¸.+´? Heidi ?)

  3. I signed up to follow.

    (¸.•´ (¸.+´??¸.+´
    (¸.•´ (¸.+´? Heidi ?)

  4. Oh, Rhonda! Everything is just so beautiful! I love your fireplace and mantle. You should leave that headboard up all year round. I thought it was part of the surround. Love seeing your pretty home and how you've decorated it!
    Be a sweetie,

  5. I am sooo glad I stopped by to visit you tonight. Your home is just stunning, very festive. Even a fancy display in the laundry!! Bravo on the headboard "art", I really like that look! The tin angel is awesome and oh how I love the Santa that Alex painted!! I collect Santas, so you better not publish your address or I might just have to visit you and snatch it!LOL

    Can't wait to see more of your pretty home. I hope to have my post up tomorrow mid-day for Rhoda's party, so please visit me!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  6. Bonjour and Merry CHristmas Rhonda!
    Wow, your home looks beautiful. You did such a pretty job on the mantle, the headboard really pulls it together - great idea. The angel band is adorable.
    After seeing all that I'd better sign off and get moving with my decorations.

  7. This is lovely, Rhonda! I love your niche and didn't realize at first that was a mirror across from it ~ I thought that was another niche! The Santa and Wise Men you made are great! Your mantel looks so festive! I have topiaries I keep up year round, too, so it's nice to be able to incorporate them into the decorating.

  8. That is a beautiful home! Have fun enjoying all your beautiful decorations the next week. I am still working on mine. But that is fun too.

  9. Rhonda it is all so pretty! Isn't it wonderful, when it's finished and you can sit and enjoy!

  10. RHonda, it's all SO pretty! Love your mantel and all the extra sparkly things you have added. I cut some magnolia too & that just screams Christmas to me. You have so many pretty things displayed, I know it's happy at your house. Thanks for joining the party.

  11. Your home is VERY MERRY! What wonderful Christmas treasures you have.

  12. Your Mantel..... LOVE IT, ITS BEAUTIFUL!

  13. What a fabulous tour! The mantle is extra special and I love the headboard above it. You must keep it up after the Holidays!

  14. Gorgeous! I love the painting, it is fantastic! I also love the nutcrackers!

  15. Goodness, your photographs are just as beautiful as your decor! Awesome pictures. I am envious of you, I have been so busy this year I still have boxes and boxes and boxes of unopened Christmas decor in the basement. Oh well, I can always enjoy all of yours right? It is all so beautiful and I am sure your hubby greatly appreciates being able to come home to such a beautiful and restful environment. Thank you for the pretty tour and enjoy all that beautfiul decor.


  16. Beautiful! You might be able to charge admission. :) I love your mini-Noah and his Halloween cats.

  17. Thanks for showing us all your lovely decorations. The angels are beautiful and so is your painting. It's all pretty!

  18. You have such a lovely collection of Christmas decor. I don't know what I like most. I love the cut-out angel above the mantel and that was genius to use that old headboard up there, too. Beautiful. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  19. Very pretty! I especially love the Nutcracker suite :)


  20. Oh my! You are amazingly talented! I love all of your collections and what a great idea with the headboard. I love everything.

  21. You are an amazing photographer. And I absolutely LOVE that headboard over the mantle -genius idea. I was actually admiring it before I read what it was. Very unique and original, yet looks like it was made for it.

  22. I wouldn't take down that headboard for anything. It is perfect, adds such elegance & is gorgeous!
    Have so enjoyed your delight decorations throughout. Looking forward to more.

    You are truly one fabulous decorator.

    TY for your kind note on our decor. I truly appreciated your visit.

    Merry Christmas, TTFN ~ Marydon

  23. Wow is the first word that comes to me and then How wonderfully beautiful everything in your home is. I love all of these angels and especially the one over the mantle that you just put a stain on it. Come to my house and help me.
    Love how you did your post
    Happy Holidays

  24. oh my - so beautiful! now I feel like a slacker :)

  25. Everything looks wonderful...but the headboard on the fireplace mantle ~ that is pure genius! I would leave it up all year! ~jermaine~

  26. Oh my! It is amazing1 i haven't really done anything yet. I love the painting of santa! suzie. xxx

  27. Rhonda, Your home is simply lovely. I truly enjoyed my visit and will need to come back again to ogle some more! Love the fireplace.
    Merry Merry, Sue

  28. Hello, Rhonda,
    Your home looks heavenly! Loved all your Christmas vignettes! Your mantle with that headboard is exquisite. Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us! Have a blessed Christmas! Vicki

  29. Love, love, love your fireplace. The headboard looks awesome, the angels are beautiful, the lit trees oooh, aaaw. Love it!!!!!

  30. Everything, EVERYthing is so rich, so warm, so inviting!!

    I'm here from the Home 4 the Holiday parade and wanted to leave you with....

    Have a blessed season...and peaceful new year!

  31. The headboard is brilliant!!! I have an ornate mirror in the garage. I may pinch your idea!

  32. Your home is beautiful!! I love the mantle!! Great job and Merry Christmas!

  33. The photos of your Christmas decor are beautiful! And I got a kick out of the "bumpits." Too funny. Thanks for inviting us in and giving us the tour. I enjoyed it! :-)

  34. Your home is just beautiful. May many wonderful Christmas memories be made within its walls.

    Our home is having an old fashioned handmade Christmas this year. I hope you will stop by.

  35. Everything looks so festive and ready for the holidays. Great job.

  36. What a beautiful home. I so enjoyed stopping by.

  37. Your fireplace is gorgeous!
    Thanks for showing us around.
    Merry Christmas!

  38. WOW! Great job!! You have been busy!! That headboard on the mantle looks like it was meant to be there!

  39. oh how beautiful! I love the greeting going downstairs too! Stopping by from the home tour

    Come to my Christmas Goodies Recipe Exchange and link up Dec 15

  40. Love your decorations! Everything has such a great holiday spirit! I Loooooooooove the headboard idea!

  41. Everything is gorgeous!LOVE the headboard on the mantle. What a great idea!

  42. Wow, you have so many neat decorations! And I love the twin headboard on the mantle. Such a great idea! Thanks for the fabulous tour and Merry Christmas!

  43. Absolutely stunning, especially the last picture , thank you for sharing.

  44. I love every single thing, the mantle, the sign going downstairs, the niche, the angel... I'm not worthy!

  45. Wow, I can't even say what I love most about your decorations they are all so beautiful. You really have an eye for Christmas decorating. I'm happy I clicked on your link.

  46. It all looks spectacular. What a beautiful home. I love the Santa your daughter painted. So talented!!!


  47. Your home is so lovely, GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS

  48. Looks awesome! I LOVE the mantle and I think that Angel is definitely wearing a bump it! You cracked me up on that one!

  49. Everything about your home is lovely! I am stopping in from Nester's Place. To see my tour click on the 'Christmas 2009' Tag on in the left sidebar!

  50. Hi Rhonda,

    Your home is so decked out for Christmas! It's beautiful. Those are great nutcrackers with so much detail. I have a lot of them that my Mother in Law has collected and given to my kids so we display them here...until they all move away from home and take them with them! I so agree that the first angels headband would be a pretty bracelet...and that angel 2 is wearing a bumpit! haha, that was hilarious!
    I love the seashell mirror too!



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