December 19, 2009

I’m In Love With Resurrect!!!

What a wonderful day I had.  G-Man, Caroline, and I went Christmas shopping at Angels Antiques and Resurrect in Opelika, AL.

I would love the pink birdcage!  And the curved mirror likes me, too!!
Who could resist the little blue and pink drawers???

Resurrect is one of the most awesome stores in town (Opelika, AL)!! It is full, and then some, of  wonderful architectural and shabby pieces and bins overflowing with sweet vintage style accessories.  They have incredible cloches and bases.  I am the proud owner of one!
Resurrect is where G-Man purchased my big cloche with it’s shabby, vintage base.
The Fox family has rented it through Christmas!

I had to build a tiny coffee table for the Fox family to play their games on.
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Okay, back to Resurrect!
They had so many things that wanted to come and live at Blue Creek Home.
Christmas items are already half price.  I could have gone wild, but I was good.

I am going to share a few of the photographs today.  I’m saving the rest for next week.

Check out the neat tortoise shell lamps. And the finish on the old end table is to die for!

Be still my hear…I adore these.
I was hoping they were considered Christmas and be half price…but no.

Lovin’ the lime striped stockings with the pom poms!  Cuteness!

The Santa prints in the salvaged wood frames are great.

I dreaming of a hot pink Christmas!!
Are these bird cloches sweet or what???

I have so many more photos to share.  It gets better!! So come back next week to see lots more of this goodness.
Merry Christmas


  1. Oh goodness...that looks like such a great store! I am so jealous of you southern gals, you have the best little shops. I'll be back next week to see more! ~Lisa

  2. What a beautiful shop! I'm jealous too _ I'd love to have a shop like this near me. Love the mirror, the santa frames, actually it's all beautiful. Looking forward to next week!

  3. Merry Chirstmas Rhonda! What a great shop, filled to the brim with beautiful things.
    WIshing you and your family a very specail CHristmas!

  4. Oh Rhonda! Opelika is my hub's hometown and we visit often (we're 3-4 hrs away) and I didn't KNOW about this store! I am cetainly going to be checking it out!!!

  5. What a gorgeous shop! I love those glitter trees. What a feast for the eyes!

  6. What an awesome shop, Rhonda!! I love it. And love all those different and original Christmas trees!!

    I just bought a little birdcage...hmmmm. I think I know what I will do with it!!

    Love the cloche, little fox and the sweet coffee table you made. How spoiled he is!! ;-)


  7. Oh my goodness I would go nuts in there!

  8. OMG, that coffee table, see I would never think to do something that wonderful! Hands clapping for you! That is the only kind of shopping I enjoy, thanks for taking us along. And also thanks for the kinds words that you left on my blog. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  9. I think that is a place I would love!

  10. Oh My Goodness...what a beautiful shop. It is definitely a place I could spend hours in!

    Have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.


  11. Hi Rhonda what a neat store I actually bought the Angel wings they should arriving any time next week.


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