December 3, 2009

Christmas Cloches

I adore cloches!   The 2005 Christmas issue of Martha Stewart Living referred to them as glassed domes.  Whatever they are called, I think that everyone needs at least one. Don’t you think?
I have several cloches scattered around the house.  I enjoy changing them up for holidays and the seasons.
They are all dressed up for Christmas now.

This is a baby cloche standing  3 1/4” high.  The little nativity is so sweet.

These sheep are soooo tiny.

Here I changed it out for a tiny pair of vintage shoes that I picked up at an antique mall this summer.

This cloche is in the kitchen.  It has glass church house and glittered sea shells.

I love the cool tones and reflective glass on the dark base.

The art is a picture of a gold ornament matted in black silk – got it for $3.00 at an outlet mall several years ago.

I love the etching on this open glass container sitting on an unfinished metal base.  It also has a matching rim on the top.

It holds green, hand blown glass ornaments on a bed of matching flower petals

This shows the etching more clearly.

This fun container is in the breakfast room.  It is filled with vintage ornaments.

Yes, I know this isn’t a cloche.  I had to make a twig table at the last minute to finish the next one!!!

It’s the perfect little coffee table for the Fox family!

This one is on the breakfast table.  I got the fox couple last year.

The precious vintage Christmas tree came from a local antique mall.  I put it in a little miniature silver wine cooler that I painted and distressed.

They are passing the time playing the game of “Life”!!!  I do believe Mrs. Fox is about to doze off!

This cloche came from “Resurrect Antiques” in Opelika.  The base is an old repurposed column base with fabulous patina!

Aren’t their little silhouettes cute?
Hopefully, we will have snow on those trees on Saturday.  Bring it!!!!!

This little angle is in the guest bedroom.  

This vignette makes me happy!

The base is a resin container from Dollar General  $2.00 – I picked up the top at a junk shop for $1.00.  Both pieces were screaming gold.  Nothing that a little paint couldn’t fix!

Thanks to Marty for hosting the fun cloche party at “A Stroll Thru Life”.
Cloche Party

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I am also linking to “Show and Tell Friday” at Romantic Home.


  1. Such lovely displays. I don't know which one I like the most because they are all so beautiful.

  2. What a fabulous collection of cloches....LOVE the angel vignette!

  3. Wow Rhonda! Wow!!!

    Your cloches are so gorgeous and each has a beautiful story or meaning attached to it. I am particularly impressed with your handiwork-how cute is that coffee table you threw together! I think the Fox family look very happy with new bespoke table!

    Great reference to Martha too!

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  4. Oh Rhonda...
    How precious. I love the fox family cloche the best. I think it is the whimsical side of me. Great job sweetie. You did a great job.

    The little nativity scene cloche is precious also. Love the coppery color.

    Have a great day. Country hugs...Sherry

  5. Hi, Rhonda,
    All of your cloche are so pretty and unique! The little fox family is adorable. Thank you for sharing your pretties with us! Blessings to you! Vicki

  6. I love all your cloches. The baby is so cute!...Christine

  7. The little foxes are so cute. So is the precious angel. Thanks for sharing. Rosie

  8. Rhonda, you're a furniture builder too!

    I like the nativity cloche the best.

  9. Now I want to fill cloches, too!

  10. I love the etched glass! suzie. xxx

  11. Rhonda, OMG each one is unique and beautiful. You are very creaive and have some beautiful glass domes or cloches .....whatever the name.

    Happy weekend.

  12. So beautiful...wonderful ideas. I see these domes in Goodwill. I'll have to see if I can find some tiny items. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Your cloches are all so beautiful. You are so talented and inspiring. I was blown away by the fox's coffee table. How adorable and clever!

  14. Oh I love all your cloches. You were so creative in displaying all of them.

  15. Fabulous cloches...especially the one with bears! Beautiful and whimsical!!! Thanks for sharing and have a great day! Coralie

  16. There is definitely some magic in your home!!!

    Come see what I did with my blue cobalt glass candle holder I found at the antique store...


  17. WOW you are sooooooo creative! Awesome job on all of these...they're just beautiful!!! Cloches are one of my favorites to decorate with!

    :) T

  18. These are all so beautiful, Rhonda! I love your Fox couple and I noticed that a lot of the bases are just as pretty as what goes inside.

  19. Well, I have just drooled my way through your whole post. I fell in love with the tiny nativity scene, then the shoes and the crystal church was just too perfect and pretty, when the lovely ornaments appeared, Then you made the perfect coffee table for the Fox family and that just amazed me. Last of all you came up with the perfect angel. Every one of your cloches is stunning and displayed so perfectly. Thanks so much for joining the party. This has been a ball and I love all of your. Hugs, Marty

  20. Bonjour Rhonda! You've really outdone yourself this time! The Nativity is my favorite, and the petite twig table was genius. Have a wonderful weekend - I know it will definitely be creative! Thanks for your kind note on my blog.

  21. Rhonda,
    Each of your cloches is prettier than the last! And look at've branched out into fox coffee table making! You amazing girl! :)

  22. Your cloches are adorable....and I am can't believe you made that little table. How cute is that!!

  23. Rhonda,
    Your cloches are wonderful...I was going to post some of mine today, but decided to wait, as I don't want it to seem like "dueling cloches"..ha..besides, mine pale next to yours.
    I used cloches in my garding in Wisconsin to protect the tender plants in the cold Springs...only one has survived, but I did some hand-painted glass, and they are actually cake/bonbon cloches. You shine, lady....
    It's also good to know I'm not the only one who uses her washer and dryer as a work station.
    I expecially love the little fox family.
    So pretty, all of them!

  24. I won't try to pick a favorite - I like them all! :) Great job on the table.

  25. Every one of your cloche displays is so pretty! I couldn't pick a favorite.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. Just wonderful girl...loved your little table you made...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  27. Aren't you smart to make a little twig table for the fox family. Yours looks so cozy and comfortable in your cloche. My poor Mr. & Mrs. Fox are worn out from dancing! I'm afraid mine will run away to your house! Do you remember the brand name? One of my commenters has emailed me, because she wants a Mr. & Mrs. Fox, and I can't remember what brand they were. All of your cloches look so pretty. laurie

  28. What a grand collection!! I just love that 'coffee table' you made! Haha, I didn't realize how small is actually was until I saw the whole thing- how darling!
    Thanks for showing off your cloches- I wish I had some- believe me, I am keeping my eye out for some to start a collection too! :)

  29. Wow!!! They are all gorgeous. You make me want to try to create one. My youngest, Hannah, would love these! Thank you for your sweet comments and for your prayers. God is so good!!!! Blessings to you

  30. I LOVE the fox couple!!! They are all wonderful, but they are my favorite! That was a great coffee table you created for them!

  31. What gorgeous little vignettes you've created for the party! I'm so loving it all! And to think when I saw the washing machine pic, I thought your roof had caved in!! The fox are adorable as is their little twig table!

    My post was late getting up, but please do come by and visit me, too!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  32. I am pretty sure that a cloche is the answer to my bad haircut. I will just pop one on my noggin and go forth as if glass cloches were the lastest thing, and wonder why everyone else is so slow in realizing it! Be on the lookout for one large enough for my head. You make me smile, as always...I am continually amazed at the beauty of your thankful heart and how it overflows in so many sweet ways. Love you very!!! The Fourth Sister

  33. I love them all! Especially the 1st one! :)

  34. rhonda- what a beautiful job you have done.

    I enjoyed seeing your collection,


  35. Rhonda I loved seeing all of your cloches and jars. The miniature one featuring the nativity and the shoes was so sweet. But the foxes were just adorable, twig table and all. You are just so crafty.
    :-) Sue

  36. I love your cloches! I did a nativity with mine also. The Fox family is too cute!

  37. Your cloches are beautiful. I especially love love love, the Fox Family!:-)

  38. Wonderful displays in your cloches.
    Love the last one best i think


    barbara jean

  39. They all look wonderful! I love the nativity and the fox family. I am so upset I missed the cloche party but we are just getting everything out this week-end.

  40. Hi! You know, I don't have a single glass dome or cloche around here at all!
    I really like your angel one with the angels around it. Pretty.

  41. Mr. Fox and his clan is adorable. Good job. I enjoyed the tour.

  42. Just looking through your blog while "hopping" around tonight. Your cloches, as well as other Christmas decorations are so fun. I haven't been able to find a single cloche to purchase in my area. I don't know where they are hiding! You must have several good sources to have found so many. Very pretty.


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