November 29, 2009

Alex’s Gingerbread Man Ornament!


My oldest daughter, Alex, came home for Thanksgiving and was able to stay with us from Wednesday until this afternoon.  Caroline, the youngest, was here all last week, too.  It was so wonderful to be together again.  The girls love each other so much.  We laugh until our sides hurt and our throats get sore!  

At times, a queen size bed held Caroline and Alex – plus their three dogs (Ginger and Mary Ann - Alex’s cute,  long haired daschunds  and Cousin Maybelle - Caroline’s long legged, loveable mutt!)  Craziness… but,  oh-so-much-fun!  I would not trade it for anything!

We usually have a crafting and/or painting session while Alex is home.  When she saw the snowmen that Caro and I had made,  she wanted to make a Christmas ornament, too.  So, we dragged out the supplies and she chose a few things.  It took a while to finish because her whip stitching is very close together!  But look what she made.  Now, I want one too!



I love the red felt heart that she added.




It started with a few scraps from the craft box.   Don’t you just love handmade?



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  1. That's so nice, Rhonda! It sounds like you had a lovely visit with your girls, too!

  2. What a sweet post. Isn't it great when families are so loving and close. I missed that this year all of us together but I did get to see mine at different times.
    So happy that you had such a lovely visit and funny about all the dogs being in there with them. lol

  3. I love your new decoration and how lovely to hear about your beautiful family being together for Thanksgiving. Sounds wonderful!
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  4. Such a cute little fellow, he will be a reminder of the wonderful Thanksgiving you had with your girls!

  5. Bonjour Rhonda! How nice you had time with your daughters and the gingerbread man is sooo cute.

  6. So cute. I typically do one whole tree in all gingerbread men and candy but I changed things up this year for several reasons.


  7. There is absolutely nothing better than having your family together for the holidays... or any other time for that matter! LOL. Enjoyed finding your blog!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful time! a charming gingerbread man.

  9. What a cutie! Glad you had a lovely Tsgiving.

    Follow me please on our new blog ~ old had too many issues.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  10. How nice to spend time with your girls- I know what you mean. I like the white stitches on the outside.

  11. That wee heart is the cutest thing ever :) Love handmade ornaments...I'll be doing some tomorrow for the tree we will (hopefully) get on Saturday.

    Thanks for linking!

  12. I love gingerbread men ornaments. I'm always looking for new ones to put on my tree. This one is adorable!!!


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