September 23, 2009

Guest Room Update

I am slowly but steadily finishing projects in the guest bedroom. I always under estimate how long these things take.

Here are the things that I wanted to accomplish with this makeover:

1. Cut down the height of the headboard that I made out of an over mantle several
years ago

2. Add more "puff" and change out the fabric on the headboard

3. Add molding to the top of the headboard/finish it to match

4. Decorative finish on a tall chest

5. Same decorative finish on a matching piece that I am using for the entertainment

6. Same decorative finish on the matching night stand that will be used as a side
table next to a chair

7. Refinish and stain one antique bedside table

8. Sand and stain the other bedside table

9. Raise the curtain rods

10. Sew four 108" lined window panels

11. Decorative finish on pie safe that brother made/b-i-l did the tin punch doors

I am lovin' this finish on the pie safe!

12. Sew or purchase new pillow shams

13. Sew two linen pillows for the chairs. Would love to do something on the fronts

14. Slipcover two chairs

15. Purchase one new lamp/touch it up

16. Purchase tow matching shades for the bedside lamps

17. Purchase new frame for oil painting

18. Make 3 plaques that I blogged about here

19. Cut an old bamboo shade to fit 2 windows and mount it
20. Paint/distress lamp

21. Paint /distress wall mirror

22. Tweak the finish on a lamp

I have finished most of the things on the list...and I am very tired and tired of the project. But, I will recover and have a lovely room for my girls and guests to sleep in.
Of course, this means that the adjoining bath will need some TLC too!

Here is the before photo the day that I started the work.

I should do a post on "these are the things that you should never do with window treatments"!!!

Next week I will definitely - maybe - try my best to post the reveal.

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  1. That is some rest for the weary...keep thinking of the end result. That's the only way I can get through the really big projects...why do they all seem to take FOREVER??

  2. Your "before" looks pretty darn good! I can only imagine how incredible the "after" is going to be. Can't wait to see!

  3. Wow, can't wait to see the after photos! That's a pretty big undertaking! You'll be so proud when you are done!


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