September 13, 2009

The Girls of "Gilligans Island " and Met Monday at Blue Creek Home!!!

This has been the most interesting weekend!

Our oldest daughter, Alexandra, lives in Florida. (You may have met her here.)

She has a degree in Criminology from Auburn (btw- WAR EAGLE - again!!!)

She works (ed!!!) for a county youth detention facility. She knew that there had been a few issues with upper management recently, but nothing prepared her for the news that the facility would be closing. They rehoused the young boys all over the state and told the employees that they had lost the contract...sorry! That was about it. They went home that day.

But, this wasn't the worst of the news!!! Alex was living with a single mom who rented her master bedroom/bathroom out just to help ends meet. The set-up was perfect. But, the young mom and her estranged husband began to work things out and oh boy, it worked out all right!!! Baby number two is on the way. Her Air Force Husband is currently deployed to the Middle East, but will be moving back in when he returns.

The baby is due in December, and hubby is returning early 2009. Young mom needs her bedroom back - NOW!!! It's totally understandable. The room that she was using will be the new nursery and she is redecorating the master bedroom since several renters had been in and out during her separation. Plus hubby is coming back home - that is a blessing.

So, Alex is out of a job AND no place to live!!! (Still with me?)

Here's where it gets crazy!!! Alex, by the grace of God, got another job right before she packed up to come home. Now, she needs a place to live and we had rather her not sign a 1 year lease until she is sure this job will work out!!

She, again by the grace of God, finds a studio condo that she can rent month to month, and it's furnished. It is 5 minutes from her new job. Hoo-ray, we all said!!

She had the whole thing done in 5 hours - from the first phone call to the owner in Atlanta yesterday morning, to the cleaning service getting it ready, paying Mr Studio Condo through his pay pal account, getting the key, and moving in just in time to crash at 1:30 A.M. this morning - on her new Murphy bed!!!!!
I did tell you already it was a studio, right?

Houston, we have a problem! No, make that two problems! And here they are:

Did I say problem? There's no problem...Grandmother and Grandfather to the rescue!

Meet Ginger and Mary Anne, Alex's sweet long haired dachshunds, chillin' out on their way to "Blue Creek Home" to stay with us!!!

Mr. Studio Condo doesn't allow pets!!!! WHAT????

Mary Anne reassures her sister on the car ride home with us.

They really are sisters. Alex got Ginger and went back for Mary Anne. She said she couldn't stand to see them separated - my girl's got a big heart!


This is my "Metamorphosis Monday" story.
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"Between Naps on The Porch" right now. She always has the best parties, so make sure to visit.


Bella and Harley sunning on the porch...alone.

Grover Washington, Jr.'s "Just The Two Of Us" is coming to mind right now!


The three fair haired girls running from the dark Latin lover

We are all very tired right now, so we are going inside for now!

Oh, wait one minute!!!!

Remember Cousin Maybelle? You met her and Caroline here.
She will be coming to Blue Creek Home tomorrow night with Caro.

And that makes FIVE!!


  1. I miss my baby girls!!!! I know they will be taken excellent care of though! Love you and them lots!

  2. What a great ending to an otherwise sad story So glad everything worked out so well. The dogs are adorable. We have had to be grandma and grandpa to the 2 puppies our daughter has. It is okay but can't wait for the real "thing" lol!

  3. Our Granddog is a 95 pound black lab. He came to us for 4 months- that was 2 1/2 years ago! He is so sad - we just do not have the right set up for a big dog. Our son keeps saying he has found a place on a farm for him to live...but it has not happened! He would be a good lake dog....want him?

  4. Rhonda!!!

    They are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your Gilligan'sIsland! Oliver wishes he could get stranded there too!

    love, kelee

  5. Oh my goodness! What a rollercoaster of emotions you all have been through! I'm so glad everything worked out for your daughter. And so nice of y'all to take in her sweet dogs. I have a soft spot for doxies! Thigns will never be boring at your house, will they? LOL!
    Have a great week!

  6. What an amazing story! You must be so proud of Alex, she certainly has what it takes when it comes to being in control. I'm in love with Ginger and Mary Ann! I'm grand-dog sitting also...Miller, long hair doxie that belongs to daughter & SIL, while they live at Walter Reed.
    Your home will never be dull with all those beautiful babies!

  7. Wow!! That is quite chaotic!! Poor thing...and what a good mommy you are to take the dogs!!


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