August 24, 2009

Hermes Scarves

Al and I lived in California for four years in the 80's. He worked in San Francisco and I worked in Walnut Creek.

The stores in San Francisco were so wonderful. I was like a kid at Disney World. I had never even heard of some of them!!!

We would often drive back into the city on week-ends to play, ride the trolley, look for "movie stars", and eat, of course.

That's what we were doing the day that we wandered into the "Hermes Paris" Shop. I had never seen so many beautiful silk scarves, ties, purses, even saddles! in my whole life!

The very French sales clerk had on dark fitted jeans with a narrow leather belt, a crisp white shirt, and an Hermes scarf knotted at her throat. It made my knees wobble!

When Al saw how much I adored them, he asked me if I would like to have one. UH..."Yes, Please"!!!

This was my first one

The details in the scarves are amazing
Look at the bumble bees woven into the fabric

I got to pick this one out - I thought the perfume bottles were so whimsical

This one was a surprise from Al - I love the pastel blue border

This is my favorite - it's the one that I wore the most
The colors are so soft

My knees got a little wobbly again when I unwrapped these tonight...Oh, wait...that's just a little arthritis I think!!!

The "Three or More Tuesday" party is happening over at "The Gypsy's Corner". Thanks to Tam for hosting.



  1. Hi Rhonda, those are really beautiful scarves. I think the last one was my favorite too. You must have looked so chic wearing them!

  2. These are great. I remember when I was first shopping for my mother in law at Christmas and didn't know what to get her my brother in law suggest getting her a scarf so she could go out and buy a new outfit to match it.

  3. Those are amazing and sooo colorful.

    How fun to have them.

    barbara jean

  4. What jewels these scarves are.A shame that people do not wear so many scarves any more.You know that even old Hermes scarves still fetch a lot of money on Ebay???

  5. Oh, I Love Hermes! Your collection is beautiful!

  6. OK that is it!!! We must have known each other in another life!!! I love Hermes and I collect the scarves too!!! We have a Hermes shop near our home and I just love it!!! I also used to pick them up we lived in California. My mom brought me a vintage scarf home from a trip to is my favorite!!! Your's are gorgeous!!! Great minds think alike!!!

    I have been MIA for a while and am trying to catch up with everyone. I look forward to checking out your previous posts!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  7. Rhonda, these are magnificent! I don't own any Hermes scarves, but have always admired them. I have a friend who frames them and hangs them in her house. Thanks for sharing these fabulous pieces. My favorite is the Napoleon one.

    Hope you can stop by my place for a visit. I'm celebrating roosters each day this week. ~ Hyacinth

  8. Your scarves are gorgeous Rhonda! I am also a lover of Hermes and just posted about their fabulous color orange today.

  9. WOW! Those are awesome! I'm sure they have increased in value since you got them. I think my favorite is the one with perfume bottles. I saw one framed as a piece of art once, and indeed they are.

    About meeting at Angels, I'd love to. Not sure how soon I can break away though. My Dad has terminal lung cancer and a weak heart, so I try to spend a lot of time with him. He is just beginning to get "bad" and have a lot of problems.

    But I'll keep in touch and maybe one day soon, we can sneak off! LOL!

    Enjoy your evening!

  10. What beautiful scarves they are so colorful and each one a unique little piece. Thank you for sharing those for 'Three Or More' and have a great day,

  11. Beautiful scarves, Rhonda!! You have a fabulous collection! Do you still wear them around your neck or are there other ways? I am not too smart with scarves, but here in the Midwest, I can do you up in a wool scarf on a 30 below day so that you look like a well dressed snowman!! lol!!

    Happy TOMT!! :-)



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