June 4, 2009

Repurposing What You Have

Your house doesn't have to be full of priceless antiques and expensive heirlooms in order to be beautiful. I have a lot of flea market finds that I "charmed up" with some fabric, a new paint finish, or a whole new purpose.

Above, is an example of a new purpose make-over. I needed matching pieces on either side of the double doors between the dining room and the study. I shopped and shopped and everything I fell in love with cost more than I wanted to spend...x 2. When I came across these wire planter boxes, this idea just popped into my little brain!! I already had the silk fabric that I had purchased from a great discount fabric store in Oneonta, AL. I pleated it by hand and hand stitched it to the planter after it was mounted upside down on the wall. I never hemmed them, and I know that the puddled look may not be all the rage anymore, but I like it, and that's what matters. Oh yeah, the top is thin wafer board, cut to fit, and covered in a solid silk. I think it serves my purpose very nicely, and best of all it didn't break the bank.

I am sure a lot of you recognize this little table. Before I gave it the distressed green finish, it had Bombay and Company's standard, super shiny faux cherry finish. I purchased this in the rear of the store in their scratch and dent section.

I can't remember where I purchased the little stool under the green table. It came with this velvet leopard fabric. I'm not sure how it has escaped an update! I have plans to recover it in wheat colored linen that I scored at a consignment store in Ft. Walton Beach while I was visiting my oldest daughter. Boy, were there some fun junk places there. We had so much fun. I will post the "after" pictures when I get around to this project.

The white finish on the sunburst mirror (in the last post) is my most recent project.

The ottoman that matches this chair was over $300.00. I just couldn't bring myself to buy it. I don't like matchy anyway. We got this wicker ottoman at Angel's Antique Mall in Opelika for $40.00. It was covered in an ugly tropical print. I took the cover apart and used it as a pattern to make the new cover. I picked up the fabric in Eclectic, AL, at a discount fabric store.



  1. Great ideas! The wire planter boxes turned into a table is so smart. Love it!

    - Britt at A Penny Saved

  2. I have some Bombay pieces that are in dire need of repurposing ;-)


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