June 20, 2009

Shinbone Saturday

Al and I often spend our Saturday just driving around with no particular destination in mind. That's exactly how our morning started today...Road Trip!!! We headed North and hoped that we would arrive somewhere interesting, and if not, well, we like talking to each other!! We actually found some great antique stores in Anniston, which ended up being the destination. We had lots of fun there and I found some good stuff. I will share my "loot" on Monday.

Okay, the story is not over. The best part of the day was when Al chuckled and told me to look up and check out all these quaint little buildings. By the way, I had taken some decorating magazines with me and had decided they were better than the view. So, I hadn't been watching the scenery since we appeared to be in NoWhereVille, USA the last time I had looked up. Boy, I was so wrong! We weren't "nowhere"... we had arrived in Shinbone! It was so cute. I hope you enjoy the photographs and I hope you all will end up in your own Shinbone someday. It was a hoot!

Shinbone City Hall

Shinbone Valley General Store

The Stencell House in Shinbone

Shinbone Valley Trade Day

A Modern Shinbone Country Store


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