June 7, 2009

Out and About

Al and I went for an afternoon drive yesterday. We ended up at a very quaint restaurant, Catherine's Market at Russell Crossroads, located at Kowaliga, outside Alexander City. As we drove into the cobblestone parking area, I expected to see Half-Pint and Mary running around!!!! There are "Little House on the Prairie" buildings scattered all around the property. It is sooo charming.

How cute is this little shed with the bicycles and red canoe????

One of the sheds appeared to be a demonstration area. Unfortunately, nothing was going on yesterday, but it was still lots of fun to wander through the rustic buildings and reflect back when these things were a part of daily life.

You enter Catherine's through the most charming grocery store I have ever seen.

The grocery area isn't very large, but it's stocked to the brim with fresh seafood, meat, fresh produce, and lots of specialty items. I do believe the shopping carts were even a bit smaller than the giant supermarket carts...Fun!!

Near the back of the store is the most beautiful glass case full of salads, deli items, and scrumptious desserts. Oh my gosh, I wanted a bite of everything!!!

The bustle behind the counter was fun to watch. They were crazy busy, but it seemed like they were enjoying the work...lots of chatter and laughter. It almost made me want to put on a white apron and get behind the counter!

They have a large indoor dining area in the next room, but we decided to have our meal outdoors on a covered area with stone floors, big timbers and corbels, and a rock fireplace. We got a good dose of New Orleans style jazz while we ate. Oh yeah, the food was delicious. We most definitely will go back again real soon and if you are in that area of Alabama, so should you.


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  1. Lovely pictures! What a quiant little place you found. I love the opera tray as well.


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