June 11, 2009

My "Veranda" Wall Finish

I recently did a very time consuming decorative finish to the walls in our living area. This room is an open den, kitchen and breakfast room. It has a lot of windows, but there is still a lot of wall space. Believe it or not, I changed it from Benjamin Moore's Blue Marlin, to this slightly textured, mustardy color. It was quite a change, but a warm welcomed one. I liked the blue well enough, but it left me feeling a bit cold. My husband, Al, loves the new finish and that makes me happy. I always try to consider his feelings and not do anything overly feminine. Anyway...I am entertaining the idea of "neutralizing" some of our rooms. One thing I am positive about is that I will not be painting any walls white. I may do some repainting, but it will be some shade of...well, I'm not sure yet! The update will only involve the furniture, accessories, etc. So, below are pictures of our den/kitchen/breakfast room walls now. The first photo is the best representation of the true color.

Pretty intense, huh?? I was a bit worried about it until I got the June issue of Veranda. One if the featured interiors has a finish in a den that looks just like mine - photo below. Somehow, that makes me feel better about it. So, I will come up with other ideas to "neutralize" the room.

The wall finish stays. In the meantime... I will continue to dream in neutral.

The mustard room is open to a very neutral room...and I like it.


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  1. Hi,
    Just read your comment at Simply Natural. Catherine has lovely posts, well worth subscribing to.
    Good Luck with your antique hunting and your new blog. I'm 'sort-of-new' to blogging and love antique/junk searching too.


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