June 9, 2009

My Tricked Out Trash Can

I love a good before and after story. Here is one of mine - except I don't have a before picture!

I needed an attractive trash can in the kitchen. I had decided not to put it inside a kitchen cabinet. This trash can was going to be in full view!! So, I started trash can shopping. I found a couple of interesting ones in the specialty/overpriced/ boutique-y/ stores and catalogs. But it just seemed wrong to spend $150.00+ on a receptacle that holds garbage.

Cute Shabby Chic Trash Can

$165.00 Worth of Trash Can...NOT

Are you kidding me??????

I hate for anything to get the best of me, so I put on my creative thinking cap AND...absolutely nothing came to me. But, a few days later, while strolling through yet another antique mall, I saw an old clothes hamper. THEN... it came to me!! I paid the $10.00 ticket and took my hamper home. A few painted stripes, a cut-out piece of extra-wide wallpaper border, and two coats of varnish later, I had myself a fine looking trash can, if I may say so myself. A 30 gallon trash bag fits like a charm and it has those little vent holes at the top and the bottom. I think it serves the purpose very nicely.



  1. Too cute!That's a great find.

  2. What a great idea! It looks really nice. Great job!


  3. Okay, not only does it look fabulous, but you should be SUPER PROUD of your resourcefulness! I like it much better than the pricier ones. So cool!

  4. What a great idea! Very clever!

  5. It does serve nicely and to think that it didn't cost you a day's wages.

  6. Love your fabulous tricked out trash can! Sweet!


  7. OK now THAT is a great idea!
    Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog this morning! Because now I have a wonderful idea for MY recycling trash can dilemma. Sometimes it's the simplest things.
    Love your paint job. The color looks very much like my house. And I sometimes wonder how some of the families in the homes I see posted handle all the feminine foo foo. I only have one room - upstairs! and it's driving my 20 year old son nuts! LOL. Some of these women have everything painted white, and pink and frilly and feminine and I'm thinking to myself "Cute if I were by myself, but my husband would have a cow."
    I love my Peonies. I walked into the kitchen this morning and from all the way across the room, they made the entire room smell like Heaven. It was awesome.
    Have a great day! I'll be back! Karen

  8. Cute trash can, and you have given me an inspiration for mine. Jackie


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