June 17, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Blogs

Before I started "Blue Creek Home" two short weeks ago, I stayed up-to-date with my favorite blogs. Lately, I haven't had as much time to spend with them. So, today, I decided to play catch up.

Here is what I found:

Marianne at "Haven & Home" is selling several pieces of really nice furniture for a client. If you live within driving distance of Birmingham, you should check it out.

Marianne's posts include lots of images of fabulous interior design and a bit of fashion, too. Marianne is a talented Alabama designer. Enjoy!

A great chest for sale @ "Haven & Home"

I also spent some time over at "The City Sage". How excited I was to see a blurb about my trashcan make-over there!! Anne has a great interview with Nate Berkus!! Don't miss that. She does cool interior design photo collages that are so much fun to look at. So much to see - be careful though, you could be there a while! Thanks, Anne.

Nate Berkus

A room styled by Nate Berkus

If you haven't visited Layla at "The Lettered Cottage" you need to go there, now. You will arrive in time to watch her plan the upcoming transformation of their guest bathroom. Stay long enough to see all of the "before and after" rooms that they have already completed in their charming cottage. Layla is another talented Alabama designer.

A sneak peek of Layla's "after" kitchen.

Next, I spent some time over at "Time-Worn Interiors", pouring over the photo's of the incredible shops that the two Theresas visited in Texas - on what seems to have been a crazy buying spree!! Would you have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that trip??? Make sure to check out the post about her own beautiful mall space in Shelbyville,KY. (Hint...lots of creams and whites-Yummy)!!

A glimpse of the gorgeous booth

"Cote de Texas" was my first love affair with a blog...and you never forget your first love!! Visiting Joni is like going on a private tour of gorgeous homes and being present at interviews with the most interesting people. Her posts are educational, thought-provoking, enlightening, and humorous. Whew- that was a lot of adjectives! Her descriptions are full of energy and she pays so much attention to details. I also want to mention her photography - I always thought it was very good, but she continues to purchase cameras so that she can perfect that too!!

I can spend waaay too much time there...so set your alarm if you want to get dinner on the table tonight! She is a very talented designer. I know that you will love it there.

The "after" photo of the dining room in "The Pink House" @ "Cote de Texas"

An inviting corner at Joni's home - taken with her new camera. Good Job!

There are so many more beautiful blogs that I love and follow. There's just not nearly enough time in a day...and I still have more to catch up on myself! So, I am off to get lost in my favorite blogs. I will share more of my favorites later.



  1. Congratulations on the mention on The City Sage! Anne's blog is great and she has a huge following.
    Have a happy weekend.

  2. Theresa and I had a great time on our shopping trip! We laughed alot, ate alot, and got lost alot! Texas is a big place! Theresa was only 2 hours from where we stayed, but I was 13 hours away! So...it was a long trip, but worth it!

  3. Rhonda - Wow - I just saw this!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!! I'm going to put this on my blog Great Reads column! thank you!!!!!

  4. All wonderful blogs! I do not know Time Worn Interiors but I am going to check it out!! What a great collection!!

  5. Thank you so much Rhonda! You're too sweet to mention me--I'm honoured to be in such good company amongst your favourites! I adore your blog and the personality that shines from all you do :)


  6. Another Alabama gal enjoying your blog! Happy 4th!

  7. Great posts and some great blogs! I'm a Joni fan...love her post, too. :-)

  8. Hi! I was going back through e-mail and came back across this one. I left a message a while ago but it did not come up so I thought I would try again. THANK YOU SO MUCH for listing me! I am still so touched!!!!!


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