April 28, 2014

Belgian 1920's Wardrobe

I found this incredible Belgian wardrobe on Craigslit.
She is a beauty!

I thought she would be great for the 
City Farmhouse Pop up Tent Show in Oct.
but in a 10 x 10 booth she would take up a lot of space.
Rethinking it
hmmm....it would look great at Blue Creek Home!

Should we get the wardrobe's little sister?

Tempting! She's a cute thing too.

We will take two of these love gilt French chairs
Recover or not to recover?
That is the question.

 (photo courtesy of Coastal Charm)

  Watch this video from last year:

2nd Crop Sisters is going to be there.
By the way, that's me and sister #4, Jan.
We are already making so many plans and
buying good junk to take with us.
Oh yea, Linda from Coastal Charm will be there too.
Hope our booths are close together - 
I always have fun with Linda!

Hope to see y'all there! 

Nifty Thrifty Tuesday @ Coastal Charm


  1. The wardrobe is gorgeous and the dresser is absolutely amazing!

  2. Oh my...that is one huge piece...better not try to haul that one up to the show. Think I might leave the chairs as is unless it's easy for y'all to re-cover. I can't wait till October gets here :) Excited like a child at Christmas. I too, hope we are neighbors. Thanks for sharing at my party today.


    1. We have changed our request to an outside tent. We also are going to use their tent rental company and it will be set up when we get there. Trying to make it as easy as posible on ourselves. And yes, probably won't attempt to recover - they are pretty complicated and I don't know that we would get the money back if we have it professionally done - taking as is most likely.
      Jan and I are excited too!

  3. Rhonda- Beautiful piece! Wow---and I love the lil' sister, too. Those chairs are great. If I were keeping them for myself I would probably recover them. The fabric reminds me of something from the 80's/90's....kind of those mauve tones. xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana - I would definitely recover if I kept them. They do look mauvish (made up word alert!) but they are a very soft salmon with yellowish cream starbursts.
      The fabric design isn't my cup of tea even if they were totally neutral. They are comfy and the lines are lovely. Thanks for stopping by.


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